Features include:

  • Custom filters and borders such as Vintage, Lomo, Silent Film, Cinematic, 1960's, 1970's, 8-Bit, Paranormal, Night Vision, Sepia, Tilt-Shift, and others.
  • Fine tune most filters to dial the intensity of the effect to fit what looks good to you (off by default, can be added in settings).
  • Add paint and text to pics.
  • Auto open the camera when the app launches (off by default, can be added in settings).
  • Easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Worried about sharing your pics to yet another new social network? No problem here, pics on PopCam aren't shared anywhere unless you manually choose to share them.


Having trouble with PopCam? Have questions or suggestions? Please email me at dan@guerillapixels.com.

  • Home Screen
  • Photo Loaded
  • Message Painted On Photo
  • Polaroid Effect
  • 8-Bit Filter
  • Bakersfield Filter Showing Flexibility
  • Share And Save Options